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    Piedmont Action began operation in 1987.  Since that time Australia has seen wide fluctuations in economic circumstances ranging from deep recession to generational booms. Few Business Brokerage Firms, operating in the present market would have experienced selling businesses when business lending rates reached a high of 22% or a low of 5%. Piedmont Action set a successful course throughout this time selling thousands of businesses in a wide range of fields. These include retail, liquor, motels, supermarkets, cafes & lunch bars, caravan parks, wholesale, canteens, laundries and so on. There are few businesses that we have not brokered.


    Experience and success are tantamount to our very existence.




    Long established practice.


    Award winning office.


    Strong referral network.


    Member of Professional Associations.


    Award winning Brokers.


    Staff with small business background.


    Numerous Associated tertiary qualifications.


    Central, prominent location.


    Matching of your business against database of existing clients.